Hardware Components of Computer 04

Hardware Components of Computer 04

Hardware Components of Computer – Factors to Consider


Computer hardware consists of the physical components of the computer, including the case, hard drive, main processor, motherboard, video card, audio card and printer. The basic system requirements for any computer system are the hardware components that make it functional, and the operating system software which facilitate the execution of these components.

One of the main factors to consider while buying computers is the size of the computer. The number of installed programs should be considered before purchasing the system. A large number of installed programs on the computer makes it difficult to operate in a proper manner. A good rule of thumb to follow is to have at least a one-terabyte hard disk, and ideally more.

The other important hardware components of the computer are the operating systems, or software applications. The type of operating system chosen should depend upon the requirements of the user. There are a variety of different operating systems available today. They include Linux, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and SunOS, among others.

All operating systems have features that are unique and of great use to users. A Linux operating system can be considered as the most advanced operating system in the market. This is because Linux provides users a number of benefits in terms of enhanced security, faster performance, and the convenience of running a variety of programs.

The speed of the computer also plays an important factor in deciding on the operating system to purchase. Windows, on the other hand, is considered to be very slow when compared to other operating systems. Windows also has its fair share of drawbacks such as its inability to run all types of software applications.

Hardware Components of Computer

An important thing to consider while purchasing a computer is the operating system. Users who want a system that is free from viruses will find it very easy to install, and remove, a Linux operating system. Also, users who want a powerful but simple system will enjoy Windows.

Another factor to consider is the memory size. Memory size is a very important factor to consider since it is one of the most crucial elements of the computer. Since most programs need the computer to perform continuously, a large amount of memory is necessary to be able to meet the demands of these programs.

Finally, the capacity of the storage space provided by the hard disk is also important. Users can get storage capacity based on their requirements. Smaller storage capacity is needed if the system is used for short durations.

Another important factor to consider while buying a computer is the RAM. As the name suggests, RAM provides the computer with additional storage space that is accessed through the hard drive. While the hard drive serves as the storage space for the data stored on the computer, the RAM functions as the storage space for the operating system itself. Thus, the RAM determines the speed and performance of the computer.

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a computer is the monitor screen. Most computers come with a monitor that displays the desktop image of the user. The monitor plays an important role in displaying the operating system and other important information about the computer.

Hardware Components of Computer

Another factor to consider is the keyboard. It is imperative to select a keyboard that can support the computer’s needs. As the name implies, the keyboard provides the user with a connection to the operating system. Keyboards also provide the ability to perform tasks such as sending emails, opening documents and running applications.

The size of the keyboard also plays an important role. Some computers come with keyboards with a large surface area, while others are designed for smaller sized hands. This is because small hands are not usually able to operate the larger sized keys of a bigger sized keyboard.

Another aspect of the keyboard is the quality of the keyboard. A cheap keyboard is not as good as a better quality one. The quality of the keyboard also determines the functionality of the computer. When it comes to this aspect, a better quality keyboard is generally preferred than a cheap one.

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