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Sheila Ford Hamp reflects on a time when the NFL had no jobs for women

The NFL in 2021 has women who are owners, assistant coaches, on-field officials and front office executives, among other positions. Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp can remember when that was

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New molecular mechanisms identified in chronic skin inflammation

Frequently occurring chronic skin inflammation like in atopic dermatitis (AD or neurodermatitis) and psoriasis have different causes such as genetic predisposition, stress or allergens. These frequently occurring skin diseases are

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Greensill Capital in trouble as Credit Suisse suspends funds

Supply chain finance firm Greensill Capital could file for insolvency within days, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday, after Credit Suisse earlier said it had suspended $10 billion of

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Survival adventure The Eternal Cylinder is wonderfully, dazzlingly bizarre

Do you ever have that dream where a giant metal rolling pin is rumbling across the world, destroying everything in its path? You know, the dream where you’re a strange

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Footballer who fell for nurse treating broken ankle celebrates 60 year marriage

A footballer who fell in love with a nurse he met as he recovered from a broken ankle in hospital has celebrated 60 years of wedded bliss with his beloved

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